From common furniture like couches and lounge chairs to unique items such as pianos, safes and fragile objects, Sierra Moving has you covered. We make your life simple and easy by doing all of the heavy lifting as quickly as possible.
We move more than our competition
At Sierra Moving, we try to assist in the moving of some objects that our competition might find too difficult. Objects like gun safes, hot tubs, and pool tables can be moved on a situational basis to make sure your transition goes off without a hitch.
Efficient moving services
• Beds
• Couches
• Desks
• Hutches
• Refrigerators
• Washers
• Dryers
• Other Common household furniture
Special Items
• Gun safes
• Fragile Objects
• Hot Tubs
• Pool Tables
• Pianos
• Safes
When it comes time to switch to a new office building or floor, you can depend on Sierra Moving to get all of your commercial items moved with no problem. Our professional moving crew has years of experience in the field and supply a variety of packing products to help your move.
Short notice moves are welcome!
If a sudden move comes up, there is no need to panic. Simply give Sierra Moving a call and we can be at your location in no time. From desks to specialty furniture, our hardworking team can relocate all of your items with no trouble at all.
Commercial moving services
• Desks
• Chairs
• Cubicles
• IT Equipment
• Office Supplies
• Bulky and Heavy Items
• Exhibits and Displays
• Padding ans Strapping
Local and National moves available
No matter where your property is located our moving team can be there to help you out. Our trucks will pack you up in one state and ship your items to another.

We work closely with the Department of Transportation to ensure that all your house hold and commercial items can be shipped across the county without any hassle. Call
(417) 890-1234 for a FREE quote today!
During your stressful move, the last thing you'll be thinking about is buying the proper packing supplies. Fortunately, when you call on Sierra Moving for help, we will provide the boxes and tape to get the job done right.
Call for Packing Items Before the Move!!
Make sure to ask about our packing supply deals when you call for your FREE Quote. Our great offers will help you save money and time during your move. You can trust our professional crew to get your boxes packed up and transported with no damage at all.
Top Quality Moving Supplies
• Tape
• Boxes
• Packing Paper
• FREE delivery of boxes with purchase of $75 or more to Greene and Christian County
Professional and courteous staff
At Sierra Moving, we understand that your goods are important to your livelihood. We'll make sure that we treat every item with the utmost respect and get it to your location on time.

You're sure to find the best moving staff and prices around when you work with the team at Sierra Moving.
Use these great moving tips to help your move be a smooth, fun and less stressful experience

1. Pack an overnight bag containing your needed essentials
2. Pack the items youll need FIRST in clear plastic bins
3. Consider wrapping breakables in clothing to save on wrapping materials
4. For extra padding, pack your glasses and stemware in clean socks
5. In addition to labeling contents in boxes, add what room they belong in
6. Consider pre-cleaning the new home before you arrive
7. Place an extra cotton ball or pad into your powder cosmetics to keep mirror from breaking
8. Cover the openings of toiletries with saran wrap and the put the tops back on
9. Packing plates on their edge, vertically, makes them less likely to break
10. Keep drawers intact and cover them with Pressn Seal
11. Pressn Seal is also perfect for keeping jewelry displays intact
12. Buy a roll of stretch wrap to wrap multiple boxes together
13. Sandwich bags are very valuable during a move, keeping like items together
14. Beer and wine boxes are good for moving books due to their built in handles
15. Photograph complicated electronic cord connections for stereo equipment
16. Use baskets, laundry bins or hampers to cut down on need for boxes
17. Use large garbage bag to quickly pack clothing on hangers
18. For out-of-season clothing, consider vacuum-sealing them for room-saving storage
19. Keep all appliance brochures, keys etc. in one area for new owners
20. Plan your move weeks in advance to ensure youll be on schedule for the big day
21. Consider color-coding tape for different rooms in the house right on the boxes
22. Also, consider numbering your boxes for your own organization
23. Consider leaving fragile valuables and larger items to professional movers
24. Make sure you review all your expectations with the professional movers
25. If renting, make sure to take photos of your cleaned out old home and the new one as well
26. Bar soap can be a great way to fill in small holes in the wall
27. Contact your post office at least two weeks before moving
28. Purchase return labels for mailing from your new address
29. To make a little extra cash on items you dont want to move use Ebay or Craigslist
30. For the items that do not sell, donate them two weeks before your move
31. Your final grocery trip should be around two weeks prior to your move
32. For same city moves, have a babysitter hired for the children or pets
33. Defrost and clean your refrigerator out at least one day before your move

Moving Tips
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